Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pizza For Satan: Arnhem and Koln

WiFi is spotty in the venues so I was unable to update about Arnhem, Netherlands (or Holland, depending on who you ask).

We had some gear/driver issues the first day and weren't able to leave Aalst until very late in the afternoon, causing us to arrive at Willemeen in Arnhem right as we were supposed to be setting up. We rushed to get everything ready, White Christ played their set and then the bar kicked out the crowd for their employee appreciation night. We got to hang with the staff and eat some gourmet risotto. Jay's brother is in Europe for vacation and stopped by the show to support. Nice guy!

(note: as I type this I farted in the van and a hungover Jay almost vomited due to the unpleasant scent)

After some drunken shenanigans we woke up and made our trek to Koln (or Cologne), Germany. Our driver, Tommy, took us to this massive Gothic cathedral, one of the only remaining buildings left standing after the war. It is estimated it took 300 years to build. The amount of detail on all the ceilings, floors and walls was astounding. We all farted inside of it.

We arrived at the Sonic Ballroom, a four story apartment-esque building with a venue at street level, kitchen/bedrooms on the second level, living quarters for the staff at the top, and God knows what evils dwell in the basement.

We met Philip, the guy who put out the Rotatives vinyl. He was super nice and told us he'd like to one day retire and live in Colorado, alone in the mountains. Sounds like a Zach Brin move.

The venue fed us some very tasty vegan curry that we shared with the opening band, Disobedience. They were a young group of self proclaimed "hillbillies" that played some early-Refused/Strife type of hardcore. Reminded me of my time on the road with Lie and Wait; full of enthusiasm and energy.

After the set one of the owners spun some vinyl consisting of punk/rock/dance music. We got down pretty hard with all the locals on the dance floor. Had to pull out the classic twist move. We tried to be charming and pass our cowboy hat to the locals to be funny but no one wanted to wear it. I felt very rejected. Tom and I escaped upstairs and ate cold, leftover rice like a couple of troglodites.

The beers in Koln mainly consisted of Kolsch style and wheat beers. What they had on draft was leagues beyond any Kolsch I've had in the states. I didn't catch the name of what we were drinking so I didn't update Untapped but rest assured it was mucho delicioso.

We have our first longer drive today, about 6 hours to Berlin. We've been told we'll have a lot of fun there but we'll be the judge of that.

Byeeeeeee! #pizzaforsatan

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