Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Aer Lingus

"Did ya have to, did ya have to, did ya have to let it Linguuuus."

Just got off our first leg of Lingus. We thought it'd be a 9 hour flight but it was only about 6 & 1/2. I watched The Founder, read some of the last book in the Revelation Space series, and got emotional over La La Land.

My seat buddy was a student studying abroad in Spain. She's gonna be there for 5 months so our trip seems like child's play.

We landed to a swarm of Aer Lingi, spreading their Lingus over the globe.

Tom is having a hearty breakfast of vodka Coke and Guinness. I had a substantial breakfast of 375ml of Jack Daniel's and Cherry Coke. Raul and Jay are drinking.... something.

This is James:

Basic baaaaatch

Next stop is Brussels Airport and the first show in Aalst. How will this breakfast affect the day? Who the hell knows!

Note: Good news, Eveeyone! The Osprey Farpoint 70L pack fit in the overhead compartment.

Also, we followed up breakfast with more breakfast!

C U Soon

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