Thursday, June 29, 2017


Belgian beer. Nuff said.

The first stop of the tour was the Geniepegen Drauk, or "cunning dragon." We arrived in the early afternoon and after loading in our stuff we hung about the bar for a while. The locals showed us incredible hospitality. Treated us to some fine Belgian brews and homemade Chile con Carne. Apparently we Americans are overly polite and say thank you too much. We're just too darn nice.

They got sick of us after a while and made us take a walk so we ventured out into the streets. There were many narrow cobblestone alley ways that opened up into bustling courtyards, full of shops and bars.

We happened on a very old church that was under construction. It made a perfect spot for some White Christ photo ops.

We met a handsome bartender who randomly bought a truck from Abeline, TX. He showed us a wonderful gin that is made from local honey.

We made our way back to the Geniepegen Drauk and wouldn't you know it there was a euro comic shop right next door! They had so many books that haven't come out in the states yet. Unfortunately all of them are in different languages so I have to wait like all the other chumps.

We lounged about for a little while longer and then set up for the show. I set up the merch to look extra sexy to boost sales. I think it worked.

White Christ rocked the place. Midway through their set the fog machines kicked on and turned the vibe totally mysterious. We couldn't find Raul until after the set was over. Luckily he survived and wasn't swallowed by the void.

After WC, a local band hopped on the stage and rocked some classic UK style punk. We grabbed some cheap beer and banged around with everyone. It's funny that their "cheap" beer is better than most of our "good" beers. I've had a lot of Belgian beers in my time but there were so many I hadn't heard of. If you follow me on Untapped you'll see the gorgeous selection of brews that got me sauced.

We hung out with the locals the rest of the night and had some great conversations, a lot of which centered around the fact that no matter where you are in the world, at a punk/hc show you'll always find good people. We met so many good hearted folk that took care of us and helped us out without even having met us until that night. I missed that aspect of tour; the comradery and respect in this community despite the music being aggressive.

One if the promoters let us crash at his girlfriend's place and after some much needed sleep we were treated to a wonderful breakfast spread, with ham and cheese, toast and jelly, juice and coffee. Really brought us back to a normal state of being.

We're headed to Arnhem in a bit but for now we'll rest up and jam Joshua Tree on this sweet stereo system.

"but I stiiiill haven't found what I'm looking forrrrr"

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