Thursday, June 29, 2017


Belgian beer. Nuff said.

The first stop of the tour was the Geniepegen Drauk, or "cunning dragon." We arrived in the early afternoon and after loading in our stuff we hung about the bar for a while. The locals showed us incredible hospitality. Treated us to some fine Belgian brews and homemade Chile con Carne. Apparently we Americans are overly polite and say thank you too much. We're just too darn nice.

They got sick of us after a while and made us take a walk so we ventured out into the streets. There were many narrow cobblestone alley ways that opened up into bustling courtyards, full of shops and bars.

We happened on a very old church that was under construction. It made a perfect spot for some White Christ photo ops.

We met a handsome bartender who randomly bought a truck from Abeline, TX. He showed us a wonderful gin that is made from local honey.

We made our way back to the Geniepegen Drauk and wouldn't you know it there was a euro comic shop right next door! They had so many books that haven't come out in the states yet. Unfortunately all of them are in different languages so I have to wait like all the other chumps.

We lounged about for a little while longer and then set up for the show. I set up the merch to look extra sexy to boost sales. I think it worked.

White Christ rocked the place. Midway through their set the fog machines kicked on and turned the vibe totally mysterious. We couldn't find Raul until after the set was over. Luckily he survived and wasn't swallowed by the void.

After WC, a local band hopped on the stage and rocked some classic UK style punk. We grabbed some cheap beer and banged around with everyone. It's funny that their "cheap" beer is better than most of our "good" beers. I've had a lot of Belgian beers in my time but there were so many I hadn't heard of. If you follow me on Untapped you'll see the gorgeous selection of brews that got me sauced.

We hung out with the locals the rest of the night and had some great conversations, a lot of which centered around the fact that no matter where you are in the world, at a punk/hc show you'll always find good people. We met so many good hearted folk that took care of us and helped us out without even having met us until that night. I missed that aspect of tour; the comradery and respect in this community despite the music being aggressive.

One if the promoters let us crash at his girlfriend's place and after some much needed sleep we were treated to a wonderful breakfast spread, with ham and cheese, toast and jelly, juice and coffee. Really brought us back to a normal state of being.

We're headed to Arnhem in a bit but for now we'll rest up and jam Joshua Tree on this sweet stereo system.

"but I stiiiill haven't found what I'm looking forrrrr"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Aer Lingus

"Did ya have to, did ya have to, did ya have to let it Linguuuus."

Just got off our first leg of Lingus. We thought it'd be a 9 hour flight but it was only about 6 & 1/2. I watched The Founder, read some of the last book in the Revelation Space series, and got emotional over La La Land.

My seat buddy was a student studying abroad in Spain. She's gonna be there for 5 months so our trip seems like child's play.

We landed to a swarm of Aer Lingi, spreading their Lingus over the globe.

Tom is having a hearty breakfast of vodka Coke and Guinness. I had a substantial breakfast of 375ml of Jack Daniel's and Cherry Coke. Raul and Jay are drinking.... something.

This is James:

Basic baaaaatch

Next stop is Brussels Airport and the first show in Aalst. How will this breakfast affect the day? Who the hell knows!

Note: Good news, Eveeyone! The Osprey Farpoint 70L pack fit in the overhead compartment.

Also, we followed up breakfast with more breakfast!

C U Soon

Monday, June 26, 2017


Finally done packing for the epic adventure that is to come. For the gear heads, I purchased an Osprey Farpoint 70L with detachable day pack. I'm in love with it. Should be able to stuff it in the overhead compartment. Will report back on that.

We're gonna have to check at least 2 bags of merch so if there are any airport workers reading this, please don't lose those.

I tried to pack Crissy but as you can see I couldn't fit her in the main compartment. Might need to upgrade to a larger Farpoint model in the future.

Fun fact: you can fit 10 travel-size booze bottles in a quart zip lock bag.

See y'all in Europe!

Monday, June 19, 2017

The White Christs

I'd like to introduce to you the band I will be traveling with. Each member has their own set of stats that may come in handy when you're trading their Rock and Roll Collectible Trading Cards.

Jack Parsons

Raised in the harsh climate of Arizona, Jack found solace in early jazz records he found in the back of an abandoned record store.  He finds peace in spiritual thought and physical menageries around him, albeit whenever he finds time away from writing The Great American Novel of American Fallacies. Jack guides downtown tours in Valley Mills, TX for eager tourists.

Role: Vocals
Height: Been known
Weight: Things can get pretty heavy with this one
Group Affiliations: The Remainders, PJR, Antic Hay, Drought
Energy Projection: 10/10
Mental Powers: 9/10
Strength: 6/10
Fighting Ability: 7/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Agility: 4/10
Stamina: 7/10
Speed: 5/10
FG%: .471
REB: 265
AST: 314
STL: 84
BLK: 25
PTS: 2856
AVG PPG: 37.6
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Rudy DeNiro

Rudy. You won't see Rudy. You'll feel Rudy's presence as it's ever present in the minds of those he teaches. Rudy is a DWI instructor, registered in the state of Wisconsin. He moved to Texas when his wife of 7 years decided her vodka bottle was more important than the bond she shared with her husband. Rudy's story will march on though, and he will take his experiences and share them with your drunk uncles and nieces.

Role: Guitar
Height: More elevated than most
Weight: Dark matter
Group Affiliations: FEED, PLUG, The Mites, Bitter End, Iron Age, Burn What Binds, Bloom, Drought, Meme Dream Recordings
Energy Projection: 1/10
Mental Powers: 10/10
Strength: 6/10
Fighting Ability: 2/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Agility: 6/10
Stamina: 7/10
Speed: 5/10
FG%: .365
REB: 324
AST: 794
STL: 135
BLK: 11
PTS: 2014
AVG PPG: 15.7
Alignment: Lawful Good

NOTE: Rudy will be MIA for this tour.

Paul Geringer 

Paul Geringer once took a trip to Ulthar and spoke to a cat named De'göv. He stated he was lost and trying to find his way home and De'göv invited Paul to drink from the Fountain of the Unnamed. Paul soon realized the conniving cat had tricked him and Paul ended up in 1,000 years of solitude among the forests of Pluteus Cervinus in the vast astral realm of the Dreamlands. This happened to Paul on a Wednesday morning from 9:12am to 11:34am CST.

Role: Guitar
Height: High as the Heavens
Weight: Floater
Group Affiliations: FEED, Bitter End, Burn What Binds, Bloom, Drought, Candybomb
Energy Projection: 3/10
Mental Powers: 6/10
Strength: 10/10
Fighting Ability: 7/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Agility: 8/10
Stamina: 9/10
Speed: 7/10
FG%: .432
REB: 298
AST: 512
STL: 96
BLK: 28
PTS: 2574
AVG PPG: 28.2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Robert Zimmeruski

Robert "Bob" Zimmeruski found his calling in the woodlands of East Texas. While illegally searching for fire wood in the Davey Crockett National Forest, Bob stumbled upon a young calf who was trapped under a fallen tree. He took a sip of his flask and got to chopping the tree to pieces to free the buggered bovid. He carried the calf three miles to his pickup truck through thick bramble and humid air. When he arrived at his domicile he placed the calf in his back pen and got cleaned up. That night, he went out to the pen and whispered something in the floppy ear of the calf. He pulled it up to the grill, slapped that sucker down and had himself the best damn veal steak he coulda ever dreamed. Bob now owns a retirement home for injured calves.

Role: Bass
Height: Weekender
Weight: Slim and sharp
Group Affiliations: Burn What Binds, Bloom, PJR, The Remainders, Antic Hay
Energy Projection: 8/10
Mental Powers: 3/10
Strength: 7/10
Fighting Ability: 9/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Agility: 9/10
Stamina: 9/10
Speed: 8/10
FG%: .445
REB: 312
AST: 459
STL: 167
BLK: 22
PTS: 2804
AVG PPG: 32.9
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Kid Cobra 

Fresh off the 1989 skate circuit of Orange County, California comes Kid Cobra. 4th in line to succeed in the infamous "Heartache Run" down Pebble-Bottom hill, Kid has the clout and the scars to prove it! After an unfortunate blow to his career in the early 2000's involving an ex-girlfriend, a trip to Burning Man and business guru named "Steve", Kid now spends his days making zines and hanging out at local punk shows.

Role: Drums
Height: Low level flyer
Weight: Bean and cheese
Group Affiliations: The Remainders, FEED, PLUG, The Mites,  Bloom, R. Thies & His Awkward Butlers, Gleeson, The Graces, Antic Hay, Candybomb, PJR
Energy Projection: 8/10
Mental Powers: 3/10
Strength: 7/10
Fighting Ability: 5/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Agility: 4/10
Stamina: 6/10
Speed: 6/10
FG%: .469
REB: 489
AST: 432
STL: 83
BLK: 899
PTS: 2718
AVG PPG: 31.6
Alignment: Neutral Good

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Itinerario de Cristo Blanco

Hola, como esta?

Below I will outline the dates and places we will be visiting. I hope you find them satisfactory. If not, well there's really nothing I can do about that.

Saturday, June 27th at 6:25 ante meridiem in the Year of our Lord 2017, The White Christ will depart San Antonio, Texas for Chicago, Illinois on United Airlines. Once there, we will have about 4 to 6 hours to run amok in the Windy City. Once the pillaging is complete, around 3:50 post merideim, we depart for Dublin, Ireland on Aer Lingus, which just sounds nasty.

This flight will take about 8 hours of our lives away from us and then we'll reach Dublin with a short  flight to Brussels after that.

The day will then be June 28th, the first performance of The White Christ outside of the United States....

6/28  - Aalst, Belgium - Geniepegen Drauk
Weather: 67 and cloudy

6/29 - Arnhem, Netherlands - Willemeen
Weather: 66 and cloudy

6/30 - Koln (Cologne), Germany - Sonic Ballroom
Weather: 72 and partly sunny

7/1 - Berlin, Germany - Kastanienkeller
Weather: 68 and thunderstorms

7/2 - Vienna, Austria - Arena Wien               
Weather: 82 and partly cloudy

7/3 - Hang out around Vienna
7/4 - Hang out around Vienna
7/5 - Hang out around Vienna
7/6 - Hang out around Vienna

7/7 - Budapest, Hungary - DRRPNC
Weather: 77 and partly cloudy

7/8 - Novi Sad, Serbia - Exit Festival
Weather: 78 and sunshine

7/9 - Hangout in Croatia/Italy/France
7/10 - Hangout in Croatia/Italy/France
7/11 - Hangout in Croatia/Italy/France

7/12 - Saint-Ettiene, France - Thunderbird Lounge
Weather: 76 and mostly cloudy

7/13 - Dublin, Ireland - Drink Guinness all day

7/14 - Return to San Antonio, TX

Salivating yet? I know I am...

Feel free to comment below and follow White Christ on Facebook and Instagram (white_christ_tx).

Music can be found here:
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